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How much are

costing you?

Blue Triangle’s analytics platform uncovers issues on your website, quantifies their impact on revenue, then helps you fix them.


Analytics to improve and secure your digital experiences

Blue Triangle uncovers issues on your website, quantifies their impact, then helps you fix them.

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Understand and fix what's impacting your revenue

Slow Web Performance

Know where and how much slowdowns are hurting your revenue and get the insights to improve web performance.

Unoptimized Tag Management

Monitor the speed and placement of your third-party tags and calculate their cost to your site’s speed and revenue.

Purchase Path Bottlenecks

Visualize the ways your customers navigate your website and find out where and why they aren't converting.

Security Vulnerabilities & Ad Injection

Prevent malicious code from stealing data and block unauthorized ads from reaching your customers.

JavaScript Function Tracing

Find JavaScript functions slowing down
your site & impacting your search rankings.

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Gary Stute

With Blue Triangle, we drove 25% more revenue in just 12 months' time.

Gary Stute
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Blue Triangle is all the good stuff and none of the BS you get with other tools. The data is accurate and actionable.

Jeff Palumbo
Analytics & Strategy

Arthur Swanberg

Blue Triangle helped speed up our site by nearly 40%, improving average order value by 12%.

Arthur Swanberg
Director of eCommerce

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