Real-time, Revenue-focused
Digital Experience Analytics

Real Time, Revenue Focused
Digital Experience Analytics

One platform to analyze your web & mobile app experiences.
Discover new ways to grow your revenue.


Don't let a bad digital experience kill your holiday revenue.

Get full access to Blue Triangle October through December.
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Key benefits


Blue Triangle ties a dollar value to every recommendation. In a free trial, you'll find out why our customers recieve a 25x ROI on average.

Save Time &

Implementation takes less than 3 minutes with no development resources required. All of your data is collected, stored, and visualized by Blue Triangle.


Blue Triangle's platform can replace your real user monitoring, synthetic monitoring, third party tag auditing, and marketing analytics providers.

What's under the hood

Real User Monitoring

Our JavaScript tag collects behaviorial and performance data for every visitor. At 11kb, the tag will not impact your site's performance.

Synthetic Monitoring

We simulate any user path and transaction on your website, from any device. Monitor availability and performance, capture screenshots and filmstrips, and analyze industry benchmarks.

Correlation Engine

Blue Triangle correlates dozens of key metrics to help you find and fix what's hurting your revenue. Our machine learning can tie an accurate dollar amount to a slow page or third party tag, and discover the root cause of user abandonment.

Live Tracking

Your marketing and performance analytics are processed and displayed in less than 3 minutes with full GDPR compliance.

Advanced Filtering

Filter your analytics by page, device, geography, campaign, new vs return, converted vs non-converted and more.

Mobile App & SPA Support

Get real-time analytics for any mobile app (Android and iOS) or single page application (SPA).

Implement in 3 minutes.
Dramatic revenue growth in 30 days.