Customer Journey Mapping

Find Out Where and Why You’re Losing Customers

Identify the specific paths on your site that cause customers to drop off so you know where to focus.

Determine if slow performance is impacting abandonment or if there are issues with page content.

See Which Paths Generate the Most Revenue

Know how much revenue came from every purchase path.

Guide your shoppers along the most valuable journeys and fix the ones that aren’t performing well.

Optimize Your Campaigns in Real Time

Do you A/B test email campaigns? Run pay-per-click ads?

Track how your customers react to any campaign in real time so you can optimize offers and landing pages on the fly.

Go Beyond the Journey

Get deeper insights into every moment of the journey.

Click into related business and technical analyses to connect the dots between your marketing efforts and your digital performance.

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Key Features

Live Tracking

Even the slightest delay can hurt your revenue. Track the journey in real time so you can optimize your campaigns on the fly.

Revenue Impact

Discover where poor digital performance is stunting your customers’ journey and hurting revenue.

Converted vs Non-Converted

Analyzing converted and non-converted paths seperately allows you to find bottlenecks and optimize for conversion.

Real-Time Alerting

Be notified as soon as there is an issue, like if conversion rate from a campaign drops.

Advanced Filtering

Filter the journey by campaign, new vs return visitors, device, geography and more to answer specific questions.

New vs Return Visitors

Return visitors behave differently than new ones. Analyze these experiences seperately to glean deeper insights.

Digital Experience Optimization