Digital Performance Management

See where performance is impacting your revenue.

Use Real User and Synthetic Monitoring
to pinpoint issues hurting digital experience.

Use Revenue to Prioritize Optimizations

Rank opportunities by revenue impact.

Optimize the areas on your site that will bring you the most revenue – down to an accurate dollar amount on every page.

How long are your customers willing to wait?

Connect performance to business metrics in one view to visualize how tolerant your customers are to page load time, down to the millisecond.

Tom Arundel

“With Blue Triangle, we drove over 25% more revenue in just 12 months’ time.”

– Gary Stute, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Store

Find and Fix Performance Issues

Utilize robust performance analytics to pinpoint what’s hurting digital experience.

Be alerted the second any problem arises and get the insights needed to fix issues.

Visualize How Your Web Pages Load

Optimizing the order in which content loads is just as important as optimizing the speed of slow content.

Blue Triangle’s performance waterfalls, web page filmstrips and screenshots visualize how every image, file and third party tag is delivered to your end user.

Trusted by Marriott, Office Depot and The Home Depot.

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Key Features

Real User Monitoring

Our lightweight (11kB) JavaScript tag collects 100% of your real user experiences.

Live Tracking

Even the slightest delay can hurt your digital experience. Track performance analytics in real time so you can optimize your site on the fly.

Business Impact Analysis

Discover where poor digital performance is impacting your revenue, conversion rate, exit rate and more.

Synthetic Monitoring

Monitor site availability and simulate transactions. Visualize how your pages load with filmstrips and screenshots.

Advanced Filtering

Filter your performance analytics by page, device, geography, visitor type (new vs return), converted vs non-converted and more.

Mobile App & SPA Support

Monitor real-time performance of any mobile app (Android and iOS) and single page application (SPA).

The Blue Triangle Platform