Marketing Analytics & Campaign Optimization

Understand Your Customers

Identify your high-value customer segments so you can fine-tune your targeting.

Track key marketing and engagement metrics by campaign, referral source, geography, visitor type (new vs return) and more.

Optimize Your Campaigns Live

Analyze how your customers respond to your campaigns as soon as they launch.

Find marketing and technical issues impacting your revenue so you can optimize before it’s too late.

Arthur Swanburg

“Blue Triangle’s insights helped us improve average order value by 12% and increase pages per session by 26%!”

– Arthur Swanburg, Director of eCommerce at Beauty Brands

Visualize Your Customers’ Journey

Analyze the journey your customers take to buy and discover where and why you’re losing customers along the way.

Journey mapping and filmstrips give you the complete picture.

Detect Anomolies in Real-Time

Blue Triangle automatically detects when there are marketing and technical issues on your site.

Real-time alerts detail the problem and help you find a solution.

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Key Features

Live Tracking

Even the slightest delay can hurt your revenue. Track marketing analytics in real time so you can optimize your campaigns on the fly.

Revenue Impact

Discover where poor digital performance is impacting your campaigns and hurting revenue.

Converted vs Non-Converted

Analyzing converted and non-converted customers seperately allows you to find bottlenecks and optimize for conversion.

Anomaly Detection

Be notified as soon as there is an anomaly, like if conversion rate drops below the 7-day average.

Advanced Filtering

Filter your marketing analytics by campaign, new vs return visitors, device, geography and more to answer specific questions.

New vs Return Visitors

Return visitors behave differently than new ones. Analyze these experiences seperately to glean deeper insights.

Digital Experience Optimization