Tag & Content Analytics

What are tags?

Tags are snippets of JavaScript code implemented on a website. They serve many purposes, including web analytics, ad serving, and A/B testing.

Since tags are responsible for much of a given website’s content, they can come at a high cost to performance, compliance and revenue when they misbehave or are implemented incorrectly.

Identify tags impacting your performance and revenue.

A misbehaving tag can kill your site’s performance and revenue.

Blue Triangle is the only company that can calculate the performance and revenue cost of every third party tag on your website.

Govern your tags in real time.

Ensure your vendors are fulfilling their SLAs by monitoring tag performance page-by-page, in real time.

If a tag slows down to your end users, you have the data to address the issue head on.

Tom Arundel

“With Blue Triangle, we not only have a way to quantify the impact of performance on conversion and revenue, but they also identify what is causing performance to be slow. Those are huge wins from our perspective.”

– Tom Arundel, Director of Digital Program Management at Marriott International

Optimize when tags load.

Visualize the order and placement of all your third party tags so you can identify page-level issues.

Our performance waterfalls take thousands of customer sessions and combine them into one view so you know how tags actually behave on your site.

Align marketing and IT.

Marketing will add tags, and IT will be concerned about the performance impact.

See how tag changes impact performance and revenue so no one is left in the dark.

Trusted by Marriott, Office Depot and The Home Depot.

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Key Features

Live Tracking

Even the slightest delay can hurt your digital experience. Track tag analytics in real time so you can optimize their performance and placement on the fly.

Business Impact Analysis

Discover how slow tags are impacting your revenue, conversion rate, exit rate and more.

Rapid Implementation

Our JavaScript tag is easy to add to your website. Since it doesn’t load in the head and weighs less than 11kB, it won’t impact your performance.

Real-Time Alerting

Be notified as soon as there is an anomaly, like if tag load time goes above the 7-day average.

Advanced Filtering

Filter your tag analytics by page, device, geography, referral source, visitor type (new vs return), converted vs non-converted and more.

Mobile App & SPA Support

Monitor real-time performance of any mobile app (Android and iOS) and single page application (SPA).