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TOTAL TAG CONTROL protects your site from

Formjacking &
Credit Card Skimming

If a hacker injects code into your checkout pages, Blue Triangle automatically blocks the code from sending your customer’s payment information to the hacker’s domain.


Computer malware causes unwanted ads to appear on your users’ browsers. Blue Triangle prevents these ads from even loading when affected users go on your website.

Piggyback Tags

One tag could be loading multiple tags from vendors you have not authorized. Blue Triangle eliminates this security risk with Total Tag Control.

How it works

See what’s loading on your site.

We start off by identifying what first and third-party tags, domains, and files are loading on your site. This allows you to see who owns this content and what pages it loads on.

Determine what content is allowed.

In addition to observed content, Blue Triangle sends each of your vendors a Service Security Application to create a comprehensive whitelist of approved content.

Auto generate Content Security Policy (CSP).

Once you approve the whitelist, Blue Triangle automatically generates a comprehensive CSP that you can deploy in seconds.

A CSP is a browser security standard that ensures only whitelisted first and third-party domains are allowed to load on your site.

Deploy CSP and stay secure.

Your CSP blocks any unknown or malicious domains that appear on your website.

Not ready to block? Be alerted when any unknown domains appear on your site.

Changes to the CSP have to be approved by your team, ensuring that no unauthorized changes can be made and no personal information can leave your site.

Trusted by Marriott, Office Depot and The Home Depot.

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Key Features

Live Tracking

Track the performance of all your tags, files, and domains to ensure they aren’t impacting performance, revenue, or security.

Faster Implementation

We automate the process of creating and managing your CSP so you can implement it in seconds.

Real-Time Alerting

Be notified as soon as there is a CSP violation.

Page-Level CSPs

Create global and page-level CSPs so you can ensure your entire site is locked down.