You’ve prepared for the holidays.
Don’t let a bad digital experience get in the way.

You’ve prepared for the holidays.

Don’t let a bad digital experience get in the way.

Get the Holiday Sprint Package. Offer ends October 15.

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How it works

Implement the
Blue Triangle Tag

Implementation of our lightweight JavaScript tag takes less than 3 minutes. All of your data is collected, stored, and visualized by Blue Triangle.

Get 3 Months
of Full Access

You will recieve three months of full access to Blue Triangle’s Digital Experience Analytics platform, from October 1 through December 31 with no annual commitment.

Find Opportunity
and Realize It

Take advantage of real user analytics to optimize digital experience and marketing campaigns before, during, and after the holidays.


Pinpoint the greatest revenue opportunities

Our platform discovers and prioritizes optimizations that will bring you the most revenue.

Find and fix what’s impacting revenue

Streamline your website with page-level fixes that promise more revenue.


Real-time tracking of every campaign

Blue Triangle is the only company providing up-to-the-minute campaign analytics, supplying your team with actionable data.

Keep your site running smoothly

The Blue Triangle platform monitors site performance and immediately alerts you if there’s a concern.


Create your 2019 roadmap

Your site and your shoppers constantly change. Revisit your revenue opportunity and prioritize development for 2019.

Improve your customer journey

Visualize how your customers navigate your site, and identify the top converting paths and non-converting paths.

Offer ends October 15.

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