Detect and Fix Performance Issues
Synthetic Monitoring

Ensure your site is up and running on all devices to catch
issues before your customers do.

Track performance on every device.

Be alerted the second any problem arises and get the insights needed to fix issues.

Monitor site availability & JavaScript errors.

Ensure 100% uptime and identify when and where JavaScript errors are occuring.

Arthur Swanberg

“Blue Triangle helped us speed up our site by nearly 40%, improving average order value by 12%.”

– Arthur Swanberg, Director of eCommerce at Beauty Brands

Visualize how your web pages load.

Performance waterfalls, web page filmstrips and screenshots help you fine-tune the loading order of all your content.

Benchmark against your competition.

See where your digital performance stacks up in real time to help you improve your search rankings and beat the competition.

Check out our Web Performance Benchmarks.

Trusted by Marriott, Office Depot and The Home Depot.

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Key Features

Global Locations & On-Prem

With dozens of locations worldwide and on-prem agents, you can know if your content is being delivered effectively.

Minute-by-Minute Tracking

Monitor web performance and availiblity in near real time so you can respond to issues quickly.

Measure Cached vs Non-Cached

Ensure your CDN is working for you by measuring cached and non-cached versions of a page.

Filmstrips & Screenshots

Visualize how content is delivered on your web pages with filmstrips and screenshots.

Advanced Filtering

Filter your performance analytics by page, device, geography, and more.

Device Emmulation

Analyze how your site performs across dozens of mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.