Solutions for Travel & Hospitality

Solutions for Travel & Hospitality

Improve digital experience along the booking flow.

Trusted by leading travel brands, including Marriott, InterContinental Hotels, Carnival and Wyndham.

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Tom Arundel - Director of Digital Program Management at Marriott

“With Blue Triangle, we not only have a way to quantify the impact of performance on conversion and revenue, but they also identify what is causing performance to be slow. Those are huge wins from our perspective.”

– Tom Arundel, Director of Digital Program Management at Marriott International

Optimize the Booking Journey

Analyze the journey your customers take to book online and discover where and why you’re losing customers along the way.

Manage Digital Performance

Monitor the speed of your mobile, tablet and desktop experiences to uncover page-level issues hurting your business and technical outcomes.

Prioritize Digital Performance with Revenue

Don’t speed up a page just because it’s slow. Optimize the areas along your booking flow that will bring you the most revenue.

Align Marketing & IT

Measure the performance and revenue impact of adding new content, like third party tags. Make data-driven marketing and IT decisions.

Key Features

Live Tracking

Even the slightest delay can hurt your revenue. Track marketing and performance analytics in real time so you can optimize your campaigns and website on the fly.

Revenue Impact

Discover where poor digital performance is impacting your revenue.

Converted vs Non-Converted

Analyzing converted and non-converted customers seperately allows you to find bottlenecks and optimize for conversion.

Anomaly Detection

Be notified as soon as there is an anomaly, like if conversion rate drops below the 7-day average.

Advanced Filtering

Filter your analytics by campaign, new vs return visitors, device, geography and more to answer specific questions.

Mobile App & SPA Support

Monitor real-time performance of any mobile app (Android and iOS) and single page application (SPA).

The Blue Triangle Platform

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We’re trusted by Marriott, InterContinental Hotels, Wyndham and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Free 30-Day Trial