Tag Governance Lite

Tag Governance Lite

Slow tags on your site are limiting your revenue.

Monitor tag behavior and be alerted when issues arise.

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Monitor tag behavior

Alert on tag issues

Secure your site

Richard Swann

“By partnering with Blue Triangle, we not only see what tags are on our site, but where they’re loading, who is responsible for them, and how they’re impacting our performance and revenue. Our team has shifted from simply auditing our tags to governing them.”

– Richard Swann, Global Web Performance & Operations

Reduce risk, maximize revenue

Tags are not just snippets of code, they can bring your site to a halt.

Monitor real-time tag:

  • Placement
  • Loading order
  • Load time
  • Page speed impact
  • Piggy-backs (4th party tags)
  • Learn of issues before your customers do

    A poor-performing tag can slow down your site.

    Be alerted when there are:

  • New tags
  • Removed tags
  • Tags violating service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Piggy-backs
  • Changes to tag composition
  • Increased security for your customer data

    Hackers steal credit card information by injecting malicious code into tags.

    With Tag Governance Lite, you’ll be alerted if one of your tags is compromised so you and your customers stay secure.

    No code or implementation required.

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