Blue Triangle Datasheet for Travel & Hospitality

In Resources by Blue Triangle / June 5, 2017

Learn how Travel/Hospitality organizations like Marriott and IHG are driving additional revenue and online bookings with Blue Triangle’s digital performance management solution. Download Datasheet

Conversion Boost Datasheet

In Resources by Blue Triangle / March 24, 2017

Conversion Boost is an add-on module to the Blue Triangle Digital Performance Management Platform that proactively triggers faster experiences for customers at risk of not converting. Download Datasheet

Blue Triangle + Instart Logic Datasheet

In Resources by Blue Triangle / March 13, 2017

Learn how Blue Triangle and Instart Logic are making the internet faster and more profitable than ever before. Download Datasheet

The Business Case For Choosing a CDN

In White Papers & Documents by Blue Triangle / April 25, 2016

Looking to evaluate your content delivery network? Thinking about switching providers? You’ve come to the right place. This white paper will show you how you can make a more informed business decision around your CDN investment, then ensure you receive the greatest ROI from your CDN choice.

Blue Triangle Datasheet

In White Papers & Documents by Blue Triangle / March 16, 2016

In this information sheet, see how Blue Triangle Technologies can show you your optimal performance range.

Performance Meets User Experience

In White Papers & Documents by Blue Triangle / September 30, 2015

Performance Meets User Experience is the first study to accurately reveal the impact web performance has on both user experience and revenue. This paper shows real user data from three online retailers to explain how technical professionals can provide a business case for performance investments, and how non-technical stakeholders can accurately predict the ROI of a faster user experience …

Performance Matters

In White Papers & Documents by Blue Triangle / March 25, 2015

Performance matters. This white paper covers Blue Triangle’s data driven and predictive analysis that correlates site speed to won and lost sales, despite increasing demands on bandwidth and page size.

Revenue – Current vs Potential

In White Papers & Documents by Blue Triangle / March 25, 2015

Page Speed impacts online conversions. Just getting an alert that something is slow on your site is not enough in today’s market. When you can understand if slow pages are affecting conversions, then you have tied DevOps with business objectives. In the case study, find out how Blue Triangle Technologies’ measurement and analysis methodology and next-generation metrics can quantify the correlation between page load speed and revenue loss …